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We make great communities:

They're professionally gamified and simple to manage.

Thousands of teams trust FractalUp to engage and understand their users


Keep everyone focused in one place

No more juggling multiple tools. We have everything you need to engage and understand your users. From people to companies.

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Group 1983_edited.jpg

Step 1: Connect in the metaverse

Start your session in the metaverse to foster deeper connections and a sense of community with engaging and fun videocalls

Increase user engagement, with engagement tools

Group 2801 (6).png

Natural Networking

with Spacial Audio

Group 2801 (3).png

Get your own place in the 


03. Conect.png

Make it your own

with customization


Create your own roles

and permissions


Networking and group

activities made easy

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Step 2: Engage everyone

Engage your users with our all-in-one tools, from chats, LMS, forms, collaboration tools, digital offices, analytics, AI and more!

Create and upload

all your content

Step 2:1

Chats for differents use cases.

100% natively integrated.

Step 2:2

Ecommerce experience

in many services


Dynamic CV Profiles to have

better matchs


Get high engagement

in the metaverse


Videocalls wherever you're with whoever in the whole world


Step 3: Analize Everything

After each session you get data you can trust and insights you need to take action and drive growth. No integrations needed.

See how people


Group 2812.png

Discover the behavior

of your users


Experience continuous and consistent tracking.

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Analyze information quickly to facilitate processes


At the forefront of security and artificial intelligence

Analysis and obtaining information based on your users



Private and governmental institutions from different countries.

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Group 709.png
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Group 710.png
Group 712.png

Real & Active Communities

Choose where will be located the virtual space for you and your communities

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Cloud Partners

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